Digital Nomading [Thailand]

Coming back from the Islands was a hard switch to make.

We had a perfect 3 days and it was the first time I’d really felt like I was on a vacation rather than a life-changing-study-learning-growing program.

Before going back north we stopped in Krabi. I didn’t particularly enjoy Krabi. [I mean it’s great if you love party hostels and not remembering the night before but it felt like a jolt in the opposite direction of the peace and serenity of our private retreat to me].

Having said that, if you wanna have a great day on Krabi Beach go early, set up under the trees, enjoy the water and the beach for a few hours then head into the beach club where they will happily let you swim in the pool as long as you buy drinks or eat. There’s massage places set up poolside and it’s a slice of luxury after the hostel mayhem. We did this just before our flight home to Chiang Mai and it was a pretty nice ending to the whole trip.

Back into the ‘reality’ of Chiang Mai [when really we know that even Chiang Mai doesn’t feel like reality to many of us] was both comforting and difficult. This week was defined by trying to study and also establish business partners to support the nomad lifestyle that I now so clearly wanted.

The co-working space we’re using [Punspace] has an industrial feel to it.

It’s full of very productive people living out their work-life with seemingly seamless purpose and focus.

That can be intimidating for a newbie like me, I mean how does one break into the world of floating communities, new acronyms and ambiguous job descriptions exactly?

The thing is, as I began to speak to those who had trodden the path a little longer than I had, there was one message coming through over and over again: things just seem to work out. That no one really tried that hard to build their lives, they just took each step and took up opportunities that fit in with the vision that they wanted for their lives. Then suddenly they ended up where they were.

Of course, this wasn’t to say it was easy at all.

At a workshop hosted by The Nomad MBA 3 Digital Nomad veterans from different places and disciplines told stories of health-care nightmares, difficulty finding work and having enough money to keep going, loneliness and questioning every choice they had made. It wasn’t that the lifestyle doesn’t require perseverance and struggle at times.

Despite this they unanimously said it was worth it though and given some of their stories this was massive to me.

To that end – I am going to try and do the same thing.

Say yes to the things that will help me build this life I’m dreaming up and say no to the things that don’t fit in with it.

Choose my battles and try and love those in my community the best I can while I’m with them.

Just over halfway through this incredible adventure I’m beginning to realize how quickly this season will be over so I want to make the most of every minute [while trying to get over my life hangover from the Island of dreams and the weekend of perfection].


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